O’Hana Kids’ News was started by Josh & Heather Ackman, when they were looking for events & activities for their son, Zephaniah, to participate in. Zephaniah, is in a wheelchair, due to his terminal condition of Menkes Syndrome. O’Hana Kids’ News was founded in June 2010, when the Ackmans realized that many families were looking for the same information for their children.

Now starting our 7th year, O’Hana Kids News covers the entire state of Nebraska.  We are in touch with over 100 agencies across the state, including therapy centers, daycares, preschools, Educational Service Units, dance studios, swim centers, chiropractors, churches, sports teams, museums, zoos,  & so much more.  All of whom have services for kids with special needs. If there is an event, activity or information or contact that you believe would benefit other families please let us know so we can pass that information along.


Ackman Family Photo

The Ackman Family

Joshua, Heather, Cheyenne, Gabriel and Zephaniah